A new type of Perth Ferry

The Little Ferry Company is Perth’s latest attraction, embracing our most famous natural tourist attraction; the Swan River.

The Little Ferry Company was never a corporate brainchild; it was more a dream cooked up amongst friends over Friday night BBQs along the South Perth foreshore. Its difficult to take in the view of the city with its stunning river apron without being inspired. And with that inspiration came passionate discussion which ultimately lead to a challenge: 

"Kev... you can only talk about this for so long. If you believe so strongly in this electric ferry idea of yours then stop going on about it and make it happen!"

That's a pretty simplified version of how it all started, however pretty close to the mark when all said and done. We researched various styles of boats and eventually settled on a boat design that embraced the history of boating on the Swan River. Our boats have that old Edwardian 'tender boat' feel but with one small difference... They are solar electric.

The solar electric option was pursued for a number of reasons. Not only do the boats generate a negligible carbon footprint but they provide an absolute unique cruising experience. It is not something you can describe easily.. its a little like sailing but without all the sails and gear that goes with it.

We engaged a boat building contractor from Queensland to construct the boats but have since improved the product and process with our shipwrights here in Western Australia where future boats will be crafted.

And so the journey began...

And the team, in order of importance:



Chief Executive Officer

Now some might say at ten years old that she is too young to assume such a senior and pivotal role in the company. However, Ellie comes with excellent references and in her short time at the helm of the company has already shown the ability to make the tough decisions. Only last week all sweets and ice-creams were banned from the boats! [just the captain’s cabin actually].



Chief Financial Officer

No decision gets made without first passing it by the CFO – and that's been the case for the past 16 years! But there is another important role that Jay fulfills. As Mum to Ellie and wife to my good self, she keeps us both on the straight and narrow and quite frankly, without her inspiration and faith, well… there wouldn’t be any Little Ferry Company.



Chief deck hand

I’m the guy you’ll see out on the boats, answering the phones, cleaning the decks and making sure that all our passengers feel special.

The easiest part of my job is handling complaints, because so far, we haven’t had any. And that reflects our simple philosophy.

"With beautiful boats and a beautiful city we have a responsibility to provide an exceptional experience."

I’d really appreciate it if you’d call me direct on 0488 777 088 in the event that your experience is anything less.

Welcome aboard the Little Ferry Co!