Frequently Asked Questions

Our group exceeds twelve guests – can The Little Ferry Co. cater for them?

The most passengers we carry onboard is eleven per vessel. We’re happy to take both boats out to cater for groups up to 22. Give us a call and we’ll work something out that works for everyone.

Can I bring my dog aboard the ferry?

Yes. Our ferries (and our skippers) are very pet friendly. For the comfort of our other passengers, please ensure your dog is clean, dry and leashed!

Where can I buy tickets for the ferry?

All tickets may be purchased on board the ferry or on our secure on-line booking system [under Bookings & Tours tab]. We accept cash and have credit card facilities onboard[visa/mastercard]. There is a $10 minimum for credit/debit transactions.

Do your Swan River ferries run all year-round?

Yes, the ferries run all-year round, seven days a week. Our boats are available for hire every night after 5.30pm for a unique team or family outing.

Do you take bicycles?

Unfortunately not.

What are the ages for adults and children?

For the purpose of determining fares we have kept our pricing very simple.

An Adult fare is charged for anyone over the age of 12yrs. Children younger than 4yrs old travel free.

Do you permit strollers on board the ferry?

Yes. Children must be removed from strollers prior to boarding. Large strollers must be collapsed prior to being loaded onboard.

What Is the ferry route

We run a regular route connecting; Elizabeth Quay and, Claisebrook East Perth. Generally there is less than 40 or 50 minutes between ferries. 

How Much Does The Ferry Cost?

 Little Ferry Co Fare Schedule

Frequent Floater: For residents using the ferry on a regular basis there is a Frequent Floater card available for purchase. For $85.00 you'll get a Frequent Floater card that captures ten trips on the ferry. Each trip is calculated from the point of embarkation to when you disembark - regardless of how many stops inbetween. It works out at $8.50 per trip [Adult or Child] 

How many people do the ferries carry?

Each Ferry carries a maximum of eleven passengers

Will the ferry drop me off at an unscheduled Jetty/Beach

No. The Ferries run on a tight schedule and stick with the prescribed timetable

What powers the ferries?

In short, the Sun. 

A longer way of saying it is that each Ferry carries a bank of 8 x 24V 200AH Li-ion batteries fed by 16 x 120 watt ultralight PV solar panels, plus 1 x 12V 120AH house battery. These provide the power to drive two 4Kw retractable Torqeedo brushless electric motors. Additionally, the batteries are re-charged each evening from 'mains' supply.

This provides each boat with a cruising speed of around 6 knots and battery life of approximately 12hrs.