Our Vessels

Eco Friendly

Imagine, a beautiful luxurious limousine from the Roaring Twenties, powered by a state-of-the-art, brand new BMW electric motor - our beautifully designed and crafted solar electric boats are the floating equivilent. From the brass bell overhanging the gangway to the elegance of the satin finish red cedar trim, these boats wreak of history. A homage to 1920s Art Deco design is rich in detail with every practical convenience merged with the sculptural forms that make these boats absolutely unique.

The elegant superstrucure utilises no less than eight wide opening windows to let the breezes through and curved acrylic windows up forward to minimise wind resistance. The double insulated roof will keep you cool in the summer and snug in the winter. The 'apple green' custom designed seating offsets an overwhelming sense of indulgence.

But as is so often, it is what we can't see that defines the beauty around us. And in this case it is what we can't hear, see, smell or feel (no vibration). Sitting in the stern-well are two powerful German electric motors run on banks of lithium batteries cooled by solar electric extractor fans. The batteries are charged via an array of canopy mounted solar panels with supplementary overnight 'mains' top up.

The operation of our electric boats is pure simplicity. They slip silently through the water allowing passengers to enjoy an uninterrupted tour of our beautiful city and river, and all with no pollution of air, noise or water.

Our boats were built by a contractor in Queensland and can be replicated by our shipwrights here in Western Australia. For further information on the design and construction of the vessels please contact Kevyn on; 0488 777 088


Ellie J at Claisebrook