Little Ferry Co Timetable & Fare

Elizabeth Quay - On the Point - Claisebrook Cove

Little Ferry Co Route Map

Little Ferry Co runs two daily services:

Ferry Service: Circle route between Elizabeth Quay, On the Point, & Claisebrook Cove
Shuttle Service: Direct circle route between Elizabeth Quay & On the Point

Service Timetable

Ferry Service

Little Ferry Co - Ferry Timetable


Shuttle Service

Little Ferry Co - Shuttle Timetable

Fare schedule

We’ve tried to keep things pretty straight forward, so fares are simply calculated by the number of stops you visit on your journey. For example, Elizabeth Quay to Claisebrook Cove counts as two stops as it runs via On the Point. If you'd like to ride the full circle on our Ferry Service, the Day Pass is the best value for money that'll get you all the way there and back throughout the day.

Little Ferry Co Fare Schedule


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